Law Office of Henry B. Paup & Associates, P. C.

Probate Guardianship

The Law Offices of Henry B. Paup and Associates represent individuals charged with the administration of estates and trusts. Each probate situation is unique, and we meet with our clients to discuss the best probate procedure for their situation.  We then lead our clients through the probate process.  This includes court filings and appearances, working with creditors on the claim process, and assisting in the transfer of assets as stated in the will or trust.  We help our clients in preparing any necessary estate tax income returns (Form 1041) or estate tax returns (Form 706).  We also assist individuals not named as fiduciaries in the will or trust in making sure that their inheritance rights are not neglected or abused.

We represent individuals in determining their options in the guardianship process.  We discuss all possible avenues to avoid guardianship of a loved one, including any least restrictive alternatives.  However, if guardianship appears to be the best option, we assist clients in the guardianship application and hearing process for an elderly parent or child with special needs.  We then represent the guardian and advise them of the duties and responsibilities after the guardianship is initiated.  This includes helping clients with any reports or accountings required by the Court.