Law Office of Henry B. Paup & Associates, P. C.


1. What will our first will conference entail? How long does it take?

The first meeting entails an analysis of family history, estate planning goals and you financial history. It generally lasts between one to two hours.

2. What documents should we bring with us?

You should bring your current estate planning documents if you have them. This includes your current wills or powers documents, beneficiary designations, and a financial statement.

3. What do I need to do to probate a will? Is it expensive? Do I have to do it?

​You need the original will to probate the estate. There are certain fees, depending on the county. This depends on the assets.

4. Why is Board Certification important?

The level of expertise is higher and the continuing education requirements are more stringent than for an attorney in general practice.

5. Why can’t I just use the “Legal Kits” on the internet?

​These instruments usually do not consider all contingencies, and they are also geared toward a multi-state clientele. Our wills are Texas wills.

6. What other areas of law do you practice?

Probate, Trusts, Estate Planning, Business Planning, Guardianships, Elder Law, Asset Protection, Real Estate, and Tax Planning